21.4.2017 Admin

Frida Kahlo’s Child

She should have been Frida Kahlo’s child

But instead, she was born to monotone

And was expected to grow up dull and gray

And leave her colors alone


It was like telling a rose to live a desert flower

Or a lizard to grow with polar bears

While the rose will die and the lizard will freeze

She’s still breathing after twenty years


If Frida Kahlo was her mother

There would be paints on the table

And the walls free to draw on

And no questions asked at all


And instead of a little trodden rose

Or a shivering cold lizard

She’d be strong

And in full bloom


If she was born to Frida Kahlo

Her colors would shine true

But now she’s forced to hide them.

“You’re lucky it’s not you.”


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