14.4.2017 Ink

Emotions for Sale

Selling my emotions

That no one wants to buy

After I die

My grandchildren will find

Thousands of unsold pages

And not even they will read them


Selling my emotions

That there’s no market for

No buyers, no one’s interested

And that hurts even more


Selling my emotions

But wanting to give up

And make my mother proud

And live my life as a: slim, practical, toned, law/medicine/economics student

And my friends all dull and ordinary,

And my behavior leaving nothing to be desired,

And my desires never crossing the line of undesirable,

And my expectations neither high nor low,

And my impression on others being neutral,

And my diet being balanced,

And my teeth being snow white,

And my car keys hanging on their proper hook,

And my words all true because I have nothing to hide,

And my money lying around unspent or spent on proper things,

And my wardrobe consisting of knee-length skirts and formal blazers,

And my schedule perfect,

And my ambitions few,

And my secrets insignificant,

And all my pages burned.


These are my emotions.

For sale.

No wonder no one wants to buy them.



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